Why Be a Host?

Why become a Host?”

More Than Money

It is not only about money. You get to meet new people and can build a great network of friends when you rent out your property.


Jelsat is built on trust. Every time a guest checks out, both of you can write reviews about each other. Reviews keep your guests accountable so that they treat your place with respect.

Who do you rent to?

You decide who visits, when to rent your place, and what rules you want your guests to follow, Jelsat helps you to arrange all the details.

How much should you charge?

You decide. You decide how much to charge for your place because it’s your place and no one knows it better than you.

 How do your guests pay?

Jelsat will handle all payments. Guests can pay either with a PayPal account, Visa or through SADAD.

How do hosts get paid?

Hosts get to choose how they want to get paid, either through PayPal or by direct deposit into their bank accounts.


Listing your place is free. Jelsat will charge a 3% service fee on each booking.