Host faq

How much should I charge for my listing?

It is your decision how much you will charge for your property. A good way to decide on the listing's price is by looking at rates of other, similar properties in your city, area or neighborhood. Setting a price attractive on a market will surely help you fill your calendar.

How can I set weekend or holiday prices?

In the process of publishing the property you will be asked to set individual prices for each day of the week. After your property is published you will have access to calendar with multiple editing options. To edit prices and availability click on Calendar in the bottom bar, then choose which property's calendar you would like to edit. Click on the day of the week e.g. Monday, to change the price or availability for all unbooked mondays. Click on a single day to edit its price or availability. Click on a calendar icon to change a price or availability for specified period

How do reviews work?

On Jelsat both guests and hosts can submit reviews after booking is completed. The reviews include a star rating and a short description of individual's experience. Reviews can be submitted up to 14 days after the check-out and are published on personal profiles after this period ends or after both reviews are submitted.

How should I name my property?

Your property name will appear on the Jelsat front page, so think about a name that best describes your place. You may relate to some special features of your property like space (e.g. spacious, cozy), or its functionality (e.g. comfortable, luxurious) or décor (modern, traditional etc.). An interesting name may help you attract potential guests, but don’t worry, you may change the name later in the property settings.

Which Cancellation Policy should I choose?

You can choose any of the four Cancellation Policies. However, we recommend the Flexible or Moderate Cancellation Policies, which are most attractive for any potential guests. Strict Cancellation Policy may result in a lesser number of bookings.

Which booking type should I choose?

It is best to choose the Instant Booking. However, if you are not sure you can keep your property’s availability calendar all the time updated, choose 24-hour Request so you make sure your property is available for the reserved dates. Remember to respond to the request as soon as possible, not to keep your guests waiting.

How will I know that someone has sent me a 24-hour request?

You will receive an e-mail, text message and an in-app notification. The request will appear in the booking tab where you can either decline or accept the request. Remember, you have only 24-hour request to do so.

How many photographs can I upload?

You need to upload minimum 5 photographs (1 for cover photo and 4 additional), but we strongly recommend to upload more. Present all your property’s features, rooms and outdoor settings. You can upload as many photographs as you want. After your property is published you will be able to replace photographs with other or add more pictures. Remember that photographs cannot include any contact details or reveal property's exact location.

How should I describe my property?

Your description should be accurate, detailed and precise. Focus to present best features of your property and its greatest advantages. Don’t worry if you forget something- you can always edit the description later. Your description cannot include any contact details. If you include a property address, e-mail address or a telephone number, your property won't pass the Jelsat verification process.

Can I edit my property’s details after publishing?

Yes! You can always make changes via Jelsat app. Just go to listings and click edit under the property you would like to update.

Can I change night rates after publishing?

Yes! You can manage your property’s price calendar and set prices individually for each day of the month, or for a chosen period of time. In your host profile choose the calendar and you may submit changes. However, you cannot change the price for the nights that were already booked.

When will I see my property in the listing?

After you submit your property, you will see an information that your listing is under review. Team Jelsat will verify basic information and will make your property ready to be listed within 48 hours. You will get a notification and an email once your property gets posted.