Host Responsibilities

Host Responsibility”

Calendar updates

We advise you to update your calendar frequently so that guests do not try to book on a date that your place is not available. Updating your calendar insures guests book on the dates that you are available. Guests inform us if they try to book on a date marked as available and are rejected. Declining an excessive number of reservations, may lead to your account being temporarily deactivated.

House Rules

Make sure you list your house rules in the common area, for example, if the guests need to take off their shoes when entering the house.


If you do not allow smoking, Jelsat advises that you to let your guests know, and maybe put up signs in the common areas to reminds them.

Children proofing

Make sure that your place is safe for children, and if not, make sure your guests know by listing it in your house rules.


Let know your guests about the parking rules of your building, so guests can be prepared.