How does Jelsat process payment?

Jelsat makes it easy to transfer money between guests and hosts. When guest pay Jelsat to book a property, Jelsat will place a hold on the money until 24 hours after guest check-in to insure both parties are protected under the terms of service, cancellation policy, guest refund policy, and other safeguards.

How do I pay for a reservation?

 There are different methods of payments such as Visa, PayPal, or SADAD. The payment information is collected within 24 hours once you submit a reservation request, or once the host accepts the reservation.

Short-term reservations

A short-term reservation is 28 days or less, and will be charged for the total amount once the guest has requested to book the place.

Long-term reservation

A long-term reservation is 28 days or more. Once long-term reservation is booked, the guest will be charged a down payment for the first month, and then the remainder of the nights will be charged on a monthly basis.

How do reviews work?

After checkout, guests will receive an email with a link and some questions to share their thoughts about the place they have visited. Reviews are important to determine the quality of the place. Hosts and guests write all the reviews on Jelsat. Only guests who have previously booked the property will have the ability to post reviews.

How much should I charge for my listing?

You decide how much you want to charge for your place. A good way to find how much you can charge for your place is by looking at other listings in your city, area, or neighborhood, so you can see how much other hosts charge.

How do I set up weekend and holiday prices?

Once you go to the calendar on the “list my property” page, you can choose the days that you want to offer on your property. And you charge each day at different rates by clicking on each date and listing the price you want to charge. If you want to charge the same price for multiple days, all you need to do is mark all the days and then list the price you want.


How do I get paid for a long-term reservation?

A long-term reservation is for 28 days or more. A down payment of the first month will be collected from the guest and will be deposited into the host account 24 hours after guest check-in, and the following nights/months will be charged in monthly basis.

Can I reserve the same place every weekend on a long-term basis?

It is up to the host to allow you to reserve the place one day every week or once every other week for a six or 12 months period.

Host service fee

The host service fee is not refundable and if the host refunds a guest, the total refund amount minus three percent will be deposited into the guest account.

Guest service fee

Guests pay up to six percent fee to Jelsat in addition to the price of the listing, which is why the total price guests pay is greater than the amount paid to the host.